I Join the Fallen

I am exhausted.

Let the wounds heal themselves for once
Let the earth rotate its face
On its own
For once
Let the stars align where they may
Of their own accord
For once

Because I am exhausted.

Master puppeteer needs a break for a change
To allow the strings of our struggles to
For a change
To rest in the here and the now
For a change

Because I am exhausted.

“I am tired of the waxing world,”
Cried Atlas
“I am tired of the glorious gold,”
Yelled Midas
“I am tired of me, myself,”
Declared Narcissus

It is enough tonight to know
That I take my place amongst the mighty
Who have discovered the weight
Of humanity
And fell

And that is all my weary bones can stake
All my withering soul can shake
All my miserable mind can take

For I am exhausted.