Oopsie Dasies

Hello my friends,

I have had a series of topics that I have been so excited go write about, but alas, I forgotten my laptop at school. Fortunately, my professor saw it and was kind enough to keep it safe until I am able to retrieve it. All of that to say, I am without a means of accurately writing out my thoughts.

But fear not, I will be back and ready to discuss more experiences from Kenya, Chapter 4 of our book club, and a new miniseries I would like to delve unto regarding separating reality from Codependency.

For now, please check our my new instagram Falling4freedom!

Talk to you soon.


3 thoughts on “Oopsie Dasies

  1. I thought of you…

    When things do not appear to be materializing the way you had planned, remind yourself that you are infinitely patient and unattached to any particular schedule. -Wayne Dyer, Manifest Your Destiny

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