#Press Release: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show Hits the Blogosphere

I think this idea is so cool and prevents another window of opportunity for the blogging community!! Check it out

The Neighborhood

“Well done blog! Didn’t really get it—–
that one could do so much with a site.
Keep doing it.”.
– Bobby Z

Kenner Walk Away

Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger once again breaks new ground in the world of blogging and social media, producing another first, This time, he brings the reality show format to The Neighborhood blog

The Neighborhood Intern

‘The Lives We Live’
is the very first reality show in the blogging format. Nine brave souls have chosen to live their lives out loud, including: a husband & wife and her brother from Denver, a former madam from Sacramento, a recent college graduate from Baton Rouge, an illustrator from Fort Mojave, Arizona, a Nashville recording artist from Lumber City, Georgia. a young man from Lagos, Nigeria and a mysterious woman from Arad. Romania. Inspiration, entertainment, frustration or boredom, when asked what can viewers/readers expect, Kendall F. Person, the shows creator answers with a smile, “I…

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