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Actual picture of my babies!

You know how there are certain things that just make the world a better place? Well, cupcakes are definitely high on that list for me. However, it is more than just the tangy sweetness of a cream cheese frosting done right or the moist decadence of the chocolate cake beneath it that allows me great pleasure, it is the very act of bringing the combination of flavors together that makes my heart go pit-pat.

As I have mentioned in one of my first posts, cooking and baking are two activities that I do solely for me. Yes, yes, other people benefit from the finished product, but first and foremost, the process is for me. Now, I have been so swept away by life lately (who hasn’t) that baking has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. It has been cast into the shadows, only to be brought up when there are “more hours in the day”. This past weekend, though, I felt like I was never going to smell the sweet scent of batter coming to completion in my oven if I didn’t make time.

So I did.

Simply, I set aside a chunk of my day devoted solely to “me”. Beforehand, I made sure I had all the ingredients necessary and informed J of my plans so he could work around me accordingly. That way, there were no excuses…I was determined to do this. And I did. I baked! I made a classic chocolate cake with a delicious cream cheese frosting…simple, yet satisfying. Let me tell you, my soul never felt more at peace.

Trust me, I know how difficult it is in this day and age to find time for the little things. Between ushering kids to school, work, maintaining a decent living environment, juggling friendships and relationships, etc., it becomes almost impossible to catch a break. But let me remind you today how CRUCIAL it is to do things that set your mind, your body, your spirit at peace. If you are a planner like me, then go ahead and pencil in a little segment to do something, anything that benefits you first and foremost – you will thank yourself for it one day.

I am so proud of myself for intentionally getting back to the things that I love! The things that make me…me. And I feel 100 times more joyful and motivated to tackle the rest of the things on my to-do list.

So friends, be on the look out for more cooking and baking adventures! Because…I’m back.

Love Always,

P.S. For those who would like to know the recipe: click here!

P.S.S. To my book club readers, I will be discussing Chapter 3 on Wednesday! See you then.


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