The Silent Epidemic


Yesterday, I had “community” on the brain nonstop – its importance, it’s impact, its integral necessity to life, and I realized that I am desperate for more of it. Then I was presented with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award – an accolade for those of us in the blogging world that are active participants and who contribute on a regular basis. This only further motivated me to dive deeper into my community. I want to be more proactive about generating meaningful conversations and opportunities for inter-web involvement. One of the easiest ways I think to do that is to start an online “book club”. Nothing fancy or rigid, but I will simply be picking a book and encouraging others to read along with me. I will also be posting meaningful excerpts (with the proper citations of course) so that those who do not really have time to commit to a full text can still comment and add feedback. Love is a choice

So, in the spirit of continuing on with intentional recovery, I have chosen the book: Love is a Choice by Drs. Robert Hemfelt, Frank Minirth, and Paul Meier.

This except in particular really blew my mind:

“Statisticians estimate that at least 15 million Americans are alcoholics or drug dependent. We believe each alcoholic severely impacts at least 4 other significant people such as spouses, children, and coworkers. Potentially sixty million codependents suffer from the addiction of those 15 million Americans. In addition, it is estimated that about 28 million Americans are the adult children of alcoholics and still suffer from the codependency they experienced in the childhoods. And that’s just alcohol. These figures do not address codependency generated by addictions and compulsions other than chemical abuse; they are, therefore, extremely conservative. The actual numbers of all codependents are much, much higher.

Epidemic. There’s no other way to describe it. When roughly one hundred million Americans across two concurrent generations suffer problems of codependency, we are embattled by an epidemic of staggering degree. The unhappiness, despair, and wasted life lie beyond comprehension.”

How many of those estimated people actually even know what Codependency is and are living draining, exhausting lives with no hope of anything better? After reading those numbers, I have made it my new mission to get the word out there; I want people to at least be able to understand that there is a reason they feel they way they do, but even more than that, there is a way to help manage dangerous tendencies. There is a way to experience life in a healthier, freer, more holistic manner.

And who wouldn’t want that?

So here’s to a new chapter in this blogging adventure. Whether it be through this virtual book club or through any other kind of participation throughout WordPress, join me in a commitment to community!

Love Always,

P.S. For those of you actually planning to nab a copy of the book, I will be reading all of Part I and II (2 chapters) this weekend to discuss on Sunday evening. Give me a heads up if you are reading along!


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