The Willigness to Forgive Yourself

I have always struggled with extending myself grace, though I am quick to offer it to others. My inner critic is LOUD and plays like a record inside my head. I really love this post and the reminder to take care of one of our “greatest relationships”…the relationship with ourselves. It won’t happen overnight, but requires a series of conscious decisions to let go and let love flow inwards every single day.

Soul of Therapy

The majority of people I work with hate themselves.

Rumination over the past, continuous regrets over what should have, could have, would have been different, and the merciless resentments they hold inwards have created a permanent narrative of failure and incompetence. All the accolades and achievements hold little merit when they loathe the soul inside.

The other day, I asked a group of women to write down three things they regretted. Several had far more than three. Three, in fact, was just the beginning. Then, I asked them to list three things they did for themselves that week. Most couldn’t think of any. These women had no idea how to take care of and nurture the single most important relationship in their lives. They only knew how to hurt themselves.

To forgive yourself is to acknowledge that you are human. To forgive yourself is to surrender and accept yourself as…

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