Our Dance

Something stirs deep within me
It rumbles
It pulsates
It resonates

It spreads like a warmth
First from my belly
Then to my heart
And into my soul

It encapsulates me
Entrances me
Engages me
And we dance

But it is always just out of reach

I was never one for coy games
So I lunge
It slips like a whisper
Between my fingertips

And I am left wanting

For just one taste
One touch
One glimpse

It is my happiness
That ghost of a thing
And it has lured me
Back into Its lair

Its home within me all along
In my belly
And in my heart
And in my Soul


And so we dance.
But this time, Happiness,
You will be mine

For I will encapsulate you
Entrance you
Engage you

I will love you
Nurture you
Embrace you

I will be yours,
And you will be mine.


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