Just Call Me Miss Charolette


Homemade biscuits and gravy by yours truly!
(yes, that’s an ACTUAL picture of the meal I made last night…from scratch)

I am CONVINCED that in a past life, I was a southern belle. A spoiled rotten, poofy-dress wearing damsel named Charolette. What evidence might I have of this? Firstly, there is this mysterious, random southern accent that sneaks its way into my conversations every once in awhile. Mind you, I was born and raised in good ole Los Angeles, so it’s not like I acquired it via environment. Hence, it absolutely must be an innate trait that is manifesting subconsciously, right?. Secondly, my best friend (who I met while living in Kenya of all places) is from North Carolina. Lastly, and really most importantly, I make a MEAN biscuits and gravy. Just ask my Alabama-born boyfriend!

All semi-joking aside, that is the first thing I have really discovered about myself lately: I am a good cook! Growing up, it was always my grandmother who was the master of the kitchen. Many of my early childhood memories are centered around sharing her creations around the dinner table, laughing and engaging with my family, but mainly stuffing my face. It’s no wonder I was a chubby kid! Though she often tried to include me in her culinary adventures as I got older, it wasn’t until very recently when I moved into my own space that I really discovered my love and knack for it.

God, cooking is so incredibly therapeutic. It is really, honestly something i can say for certain brings me immense happiness. Even at the end of a long day at work and school, coming home to cook actually helps me unwind. To be honest, there aren’t many things in my life I can claim as something I do solely to bring me joy, but cooking is one of them. That may sound selfish, but to a codependent, that’s progress! Don’t get me wrong, watching my honey’s face light up as he took a bite of a meal that reminds him of home melts me to my core; he got to enjoy the product!…but the process? That’s 100% for me.

I need to find more of these things…more of the hobbies, the adventures, that make the inner me…well…ME!

Now ya’ll excuse me while I polish off them leftovers.

PS. For those of you curious, I used this recipe from food.com:


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